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Your Second Amendment rights at risk?

THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!Many citizens of House District 19 continue to express their concerns about the relentless attack on our Second Amendment rights. As your representative, I witnessed this attack first hand this year at the Legislature.I will give you an example of these attacks by highlighting two bills: One bill passed by one vote, and another bill that failed by one vote. The first bill, House Bill 1174, a bill that I voted against, extends the repeal of the statewide database for persons holding a carry-concealed handgun permit to 2011. The second bill, House Bill 1011, a bill that I co-sponsored, tried to expand our current “Make My Day” law to allow a person to use a firearm at a place of business or in a vehicle to protect themselves if an intruder was using deadly force, or if death or serious bodily injury was imminent.Our county sheriff has the authority to issue a citizen a permit to carry a concealed handgun if the appropriate training and background check is conducted and there are no serious convictions on the applicants’ record. This “carry concealed weapon” permit allows law-abiding citizens to carry a small firearm for protection if necessary. It has been reported to me that names of law-abiding citizen who have the carry-concealed weapons permits are currently included in a database maintained by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Unfortunately, this database also includes criminals and those wanted for outstanding warrants. Consequently, many law-abiding citizens with concealed handgun permits are sometimes harassed by law enforcement.PLEASE REMEMBER IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION THAT ONE VOTE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!Call me at 719-238-5600 or e-mail me at

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