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What they’d invent

Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford: probably some of history’s greatest inventors. Ever think someone from Falcon could add his or her name to that list? It’s fun to dream.August is National Inventors Month. Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented …?” Something that makes our lives easier like a thing-a-ma-jig that keeps a house dust-free forever. How about a shower that turns on when the alarm clock goes off? Maybe inventing something that benefits everyone: teleporting – great for getting out of those traffic jams, plus less pollution.This month, four Falconites came up with their own ideas for some great inventions.

Victory Ryon
I would invent a robot that would help mentally challenged kids, except it wouldn’t have a robot voice. It would have a human voice. And the kids could pick what they want – boy or girl. And they could name them.

Don Lovisone
They have these moisture absorbing polymers that you can put in the ground before you lay sod or grass. They basically keep your grass green – no brown spots, plus they help you water your lawn less. The only problem is there is no way – or at least no easy way – to get them underneath your grass once it is down. So, I would like to invent some kind of apparatus that would inject these polymers into your grass even after it is laid down.

Darlene Lovisone
I would like to see some kind of hot tub you could put in place of where a normal soaking tub is. We don’t use ours, and it’s wasted space. But if they made smaller sized hot tubs that could fit in its place, that’s what I would want.

Gail Lewis
I wish there was something that could tell the difference between flowers and weeds and would pick or get rid of the weeds.(Hey, Gail, they did invent weed pickers – kids!!!)

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