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Summertime movies

Rising temperatures may not be only thing that is hot this summer. There seems to be an abundance of hot-ticket movie flicks out this summer, from web-slinging super heroes to treasure-seeking pirates to goofy, green ogres and spell-casting wizards. But which one will be the summer’s biggest blockbuster? Will any of them become your all time favorite, or will you give them a thumbs down?We asked four area moviegoers the following Streetwise question of the month: What is your all-time favorite movie and the worst movie you’ve seen – and why? Plus, what is your prediction of which summer movie release will be a box office hit?Here’s what they had to say.

Abby Sears
Colorado Springs
Favorite movie:” The Parent Trap” – the Lindsey Lohan version. It was made when she was still sweet and innocent.Worst movie: “Ghost rider.” It was so boring my friends and I left the theater.Summer blockbuster prediction: “Pirates of the Caribbean”

Joyce Jeffrey
Favorite movie: “The Notebook.” I love the enduring love they have for each other.Worst movie: “Napoleon Dynamite.” It became the cult movie, and I had to see what it was all about. But after watching it, I thought it was stupid. But then I had to watch it again to see if I had missed something. It still was stupid. “This is the worst video ever made.” (Note: Joyce said this is a quote from the movie that is quite appropriate for the description of this movie).Summer blockbuster prediction: “Spiderman 3.” I saw it, and thought it was fun.

Dayla Thompson
Favorite movie: “A Knight’s Tale” or “A Walk in the Clouds.” I like “A Knight’s Tale” because it is was so unexpected.Worst movie: “Carwash.” It is a movie from the 70s. I don’t remember what it was about, but I just remember it was a waste of time.Summer blockbuster prediction: “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Spiderman 3.” Both of these movies are crossover films to they get kids and adults.

Matt Rockefeller
Colorado Springs
Favorite movie: “Life is Beautiful.” I like this movie because it is very inspiring.Worst movie: Any movie with DMX in it. He was in the movie “Never Die Alone.” It was the worst thing I’d ever seen. I don’t know if it was the acting or the writing, but it was almost funny how bad it was.Summer blockbuster prediction: “Harry Potter” will be the biggest movie of the summer because there is such a trend going there.

Flick Facts from the 2006 U.S. Theatrical Market Statistics Report
  • After a dip in 2005, the U.S. box office revenue climbed 5.5 percent to reach $9.49 billion in 2006.
  • Worldwide, box office revenue reached an all-time high in 2006 with $25.82 billion, an 11 percent increase.
  • U.S. theater admissions grew 3.3 percent to 1.45 billion tickets, ending a three-year downward trend.
  • Consistent with 2005, PG and PG-13 films accounted for 85 percent of 2006’s top 20 films.
  • The average cost to make and market a major MPAA member company film was $100.3 million in 2006. This includes $65.8 million in negative costs and $34.5 million in marketing costs.
  • In 2006, the average price of a movie ticket in the U.S. rose to $6.55, a 2.2 percent increase from 2005.
  • The total number of films released in 2006 was 607, an 11 percent increase from 2005’s 549 films.

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