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Friends of Falcon looks into topic causing anxiety    

By Kevin Curry

A recent Fox21 news article cited a dispatch from the Calhan Police Department that said a nonprofit called “In Tents of Hope” had proposed a tent community south of Calhan, and noted that the police department would look into any security and safety concerns. Although a location near Calhan would be outside the Friends of Falcon boundaries, early news and the lack of details (especially location) stoked passion and concern in the Falcon area so Friends of Falcon reached out to the group to learn more. The nonprofit’s representative was understandably reluctant to share too many details before discussion with public officials is complete, but said there is a meeting set for next month, where both city and county officials will attend to discuss the project’s scope. Afterward, there will be public meetings to inform and receive feedback from residents regarding the project. Although no meeting dates or locations have yet been set or publicized, In Tents of Hope sent assurances that Friends of Falcon will be among the first to know when the first public meeting will be, and they welcome attendance. Normally, Friends of Falcon representatives would not get involved with issues outside the boundaries, but we looked into it because Falcon area residents have expressed anxiety. Friends of Falcon will continue to monitor the situation and help publicize updates as appropriate, especially when details of the public meeting(s) are known. To join the Friends of Falcon (free) or to learn more about the nonprofit organization, visit the website at

Friends of Falcon is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the Falcon area and preserving its unique identity.

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of articles chronicling the El Paso County development approval/denial process, from the initial applications to the final point the bonds are released.

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