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YMCA terminates contract with Woodmen Hills

On Sept. 24, the YMCA pulled out of their contract with Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District. The YMCA has been operating Woodmen Hills Recreation Center East. The action follows a Sept. 24 town hall meeting, where WHMD board members presented the idea of changing the management structure as a way to improve services and save the district money.”We had representatives at the meeting, Wednesday,” said Dan Dunnermuth, senior vice president of the YMCA of Pikes Peak. “After the meeting, it seemed they (WHMD board) could run the facility themselves. We thought we’d make it easy for them to get out of the contract.”Dunnermuth said the WHMD will assume responsibility Dec. 1 for running the facility.The contract offers a 120-day termination clause, but Dunnermuth said the YMCA chose to opt out after 60 days, and the Woodmen Hills board accepted the condition. “It’s better for WHMD and for the current YMCA employees,” he said.The YMCA will work closely with WHMD to ease the transition, Dunnermuth said. “We’ve enjoyed the last five years serving the Woodmen Hills community, and we will continue to serve the Falcon community through the Meridian Ranch facility,” he added.Jennifer Barber, WHMD board president, said they were surprised by the YMCA action. She said she was prepared to schedule another community meeting to continue discussing options for the recreation center east.Jan Pizzi, WHMD board secretary and park and recreation committee chairwoman, said she and her committee are prepared to move forward with the operational takeover of the recreation center. She said she will meet with the park and recreation committee and begin interviewing candidates for management positions.”We’re not shutting the door on anything,” Pizzi said. “We want to make it so everyone can participate at the rec center.” Pizzi said they will work closely with the YMCA as well as Meridian Ranch to ensure a smooth transition. They also will assess a continuedpartnership between Woodmen Hills and Meridian Ranch residents and facilities.”I want to make this the best community possible,” Pizzi said. “I want people to say ‘I want to live in Woodmen Hills’ and allow everyone to enjoy the recreational facilities.”Dunnermuth said the YMCA would be open to Woodmen Hills residents using Meridian Ranch facilities, if the relationship was reciprocated.Pizzi said there is plenty of work to do in the next few weeks. She said she plans to hold a community meeting to detail the district’s plans for running the facility.

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