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Why can’t I lose weight?

I hope you are enjoying my articles and learning something new from each one. I will continue to remind you that your health should always take priority over other parts of your life. Every action always has a consequence, either good or bad. You should get up every morning and look in the mirror and tell yourself you do matter and you are worth it. Smile and let yesterdayís mistakes go, and learn from them so you can do better today.Plan your day before you begin it. What are you going to eat that is healthy? When are you going to take 30 minutes to exercise (cardio two days) or (strength three days)? Donít forget your 64 to 72 ounces of water, and sleep for six to seven hours minimum.It is already August, and the children will be back in school soon. Make sure you fix a healthy breakfast for yourself and the children before you send them off to school. Their brains and body need them to do well in school. Be a healthy and fit example to your children or grandchildren. Time to start rethinking what is edible. There are parts of fruits and vegetable that you often discard, such as the skin of the kiwi and the core of the pineapple. These discarded parts are positively brimming with antioxidants, and eating them can boost your health. Six examples:Pineapple core is a little tough and not as appealing as the fleshy part of the fruit. Bromelain is the magic ingredient inside the pineapple core. Bromelain is a systemic oral enzyme that has been used to treat problems, from sports injuries to arthritis, heart disease and cancer. Think inflammation fighter. To get the most bromelain into you and your childrenís diet, take the core and juice it or blend it into a breakfast smoothie.Kiwi fruit has a soft green delicious, sweet and tangy texture; but the hairy brown skin we throw away makes the fruit even more nutrient-dense. Eating the skin can triple the fiber intake when compared to eating just the flesh. Plus, if you donít peel a kiwi, itíll help the fruit better retain its vitamin C richness.Broccoli stalks are packed with antioxidants and as much fiber and taste as the florets; however, we usually cut them off and throw them away.Acorn squash skin provides an array of phytonutrient benefits plus fiber. Keep it on.Orange rinds (citrus) are positively packed with unique antioxidants. The terpenes contained in the rinds of lemons and oranges have known ëcytotoxicí [cell-killing] properties and have an anti-inflammatory effect.Potato skins have nutrients, like vitamin C and potassium, which is preserved when potatoes are cooked and eaten with the skin on. Plus, the skins provide significant fiber. Americans only get about 50 percent of the daily fiber they need.Next month, the subject will be choosing a fitness center and various types of exercises. Remember the best exercise is one that you actually do and not just talk about doing. Walking is great for the joints, but it does not build muscle; and, unless you are walking a large dog, it is not a cardio exercise. You need both; plus stretching.Healthy lifestyle = eating a healthy diet + getting 30 minutes a day of exercise (two to three days of strength, same with cardio) and seven days of walking (10,000 steps goal) + drinking 64 ounces of water + six to eight hours of sleep.Stay tuned for more hints on weight lost next month.Jenni MathewsDisabled American VeteranFalcon Curves Owner 719-494-2000

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