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Water or the lack thereof, is an ongoing issue in Colorado. Concerns about this precious resource become particularly high when there is talk of growth and development. It all stems back to the basic economic principle of supply and demand. Some feel that with rapid growth the demand is too high to meet the current supply.So, if Coloradoans truly are concerned about their water supply, how much do they know about it? Where does it come from? See how informed the people of Falcon are when it comes to knowing their water; then read Kathy Hare’s feature story, “Water 101,” in this month’s issue to find out if they are right.

Nanette Johnson
Woodmen Hills, Falcon

No, I don’t know. Pueblo? But I have been wondering about that lately.
Elycia Baylis
East of Hwy 24, Falcon

It comes from a well. It comes from an aquifer that is about 600 feet down. But I don’t know the name of it.
Colleen Goodman
East of Hwy 24, Falcon

Our water comes from a well, and I only know that because my husband told me that. He’s lived out here for three years.
Kurt Peterson
Meridian Ranch, Falcon

No. I don’t know. Is it well water?

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