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Back to school thoughts

School District 49 has been a regular news item over the past few months. This month, we targeted Falcon High School students to get their opinions on the issues. They also offered a few solutions.

Nick Oligmueller

“I’ve only noticed one improvement in the high school this year, and I know they are currently building a [new] high school and that there are negotiations going on about the athletic facility. I noticed that after visiting Sand Creek High School, it wasn’t nearly as crowded as Falcon High School. The one thing I think they should change is to more evenly distribute the funds.”
Raul Franco

“I know that they are short on funding for the sports complex [at the new high school]. There are too many people for the [Falcon High] school and it’s hard to get to your class or to the bathroom. I heard they are thinking of adding an extra minute to the five minutes we get now to get to our classes. Plus, the classrooms are too crowded. I have no extra seats in my English class and there are 32 people in there.”
Holly Thompson

“There’s not enough time between classes. It needs to be longer, especially when you are out in the pods [modulars]. I think there is something like 1,100 students at the school this year and the classrooms are overcrowded. There’s like 30 to 40 kids in a class so there is not much one-on-one attention.”
Ricky Weaver

“It is really crowded this year. We could use more room. Most kids have trouble getting to their classes on time so the teachers are complaining about that. The principal did mention something about maybe making our passing periods time longer.”

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