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People take for granted hopping in their car as they head off to work each morning, running errands or planning for summer travel. But with rising gas prices, more and more Americans are starting to feel the pinch on their pocketbooks and are rethinking their way of getting around. Here’s what a few thrifty drivers have done to put more money in their pocket rather than the gas tank.

Casey Littlejohn – Falcon
“I sold my gas-guzzling truck (Dodge Ram 4X4) and bought a little Hyundai Accent. I used to get 10 mpg with my truck. I get 33 mpg with this new car. I went from spending $400 a month to $80 month.”
David Alley – Colorado Springs
“I’m not using my air conditioning as much when driving around.”

Phyllis Zinn – Falcon
“I call friends and ask if they need anything [before I run an errand]. I also consolidate my errands. I fill up at stations that offer discount pricing on gas. I roll down my windows rather than use the AC. I take turns carpooling with a friend on taking our kids to preschool. I take care of business when I go out. No more joyriding.”
Melody Anderson – Golden, CO
“I commute to work. I drive to a Park ‘n Ride and then take the bus into the city. I’ve done it for years. It is so much better than sitting in traffic burning fumes of my own gas.”

Other gas saving tips:
  1. Slow down.
    • Each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional 15 cents per gallon for gas.
    • Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas.
    • Equivalent gasoline savings: $.12-$.82/gallon
  2. Keep your car maintained and running smoothly.
    • Tune ups
    • Clean air filters
    • Tires properly inflated
    • Proper grade of oil
  3. Use your engine wisely.
    • Avoid excessive idling.
    • Use cruise control and overdrive gears.
  4. Be smart about driving.
    • Plan errands to do them together, rather than separate trips.
    • Carpool
    • Mass transit
    • Telecommute
  5. Keep your car light.
    • Too often cars become long-term storage facilities
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