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On the street in Black Forest

The New Falcon Herald ran into a native Black Forest resident, Meg McGilton, age 20, while she was grabbing a sandwich at the local Subway restaurant off Black Forest Road early on a Wednesday evening. McGilton is a full-time nursing student at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. While she studies to become a registered nurse, McGilton also works part-time at R&R Cafe. She took time to answer a few questions before she enjoyed her sandwich.NFH: Where is your favorite spot in Black Forest?McGilton: I really love R&R CafÈ! Iíve been working there for about four years, but I would go there all the time even before that.NFH: What do you want Black Forest to be in five, 10 or 15 years?McGilton: Honestly, I think it would be nice if it grew a little bit; but, on the other hand, I really like it now. Itís a small town; thereís a sense of community. Really, I would like it not to change.NFH: Do you celebrate St. Patrickís Day?McGilton: I do! Normally I go downtown (Colorado Springs) for the parade. Obviously, (the name) McGilton is very Irish, so we always go all out!NFH: Whatís your favorite thing about St. Patrickís Day?McGilton: Itís really fun to dress up!NFH: Whereís the best place you have vacationed?McGilton: I would have to say Hawaii. My older sister lives there, so itís visiting family and being in paradise.NFH: Do you have any uncommon or bizarre talents? What are they?McGilton: I can touch my tongue to my nose. I discovered that back in probably the third grade. Everyone tries it at one point!NFH: If you could live anywhere in the world ó money not a factor ó where would you live and why?McGilton: I would probably still live here in the United States. Probably still in Colorado. Itís beautiful here.NFH: When you were a kid, what did you want to be ìwhen you grew up,î and why?McGilton: I wanted to be a nurse! I really love science, and the industry is always growing. Iím fascinated by the human body. I really like being in a field thatís always growing.

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