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On the street in Black Forest

Black Forest residents Tom and Nola Lange – age 75 and 77, respectively – were wrapping up their dinner on a Tuesday evening at the Subway restaurant in Black Forest when they took a moment to share bits and pieces of their lives with ìThe New Falcon Herald.îThe couple were just days away from celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Married in Corpus Christi, Texas, on March 11, 1967, the Langes have three grown children. The two shared their thoughts on Black Forest and life in general.NFH: How long have you lived in Black Forest?Tom Lange: Well, we moved out here in 1983, after I retired from the Air Force in Sunnyvale, California. We moved the whole bunch out here. We looked for a house in Black Forest because we heard it had the best school district.NFH: What do you do for a living?Tom Lange: I am retired after 20 years with the Air Force. I retired as a major.Nola Lange: I am a retired registered nurse.NFH: What do you like most about living in Black Forest?Nola Lange: Itís peaceful, and we have nice neighbors.Tom Lange: We are close to town, as well. Not too far from groceries!NFH: Where is your favorite spot in Black Forest, and what makes it so special?Tom Lange: We like our house! We like our location. Weíre in the middle of the forest.NFH: What do you want Black Forest to be in five, 10 or 15 years?Tom Lange: Iíd like it to stay exactly as it is.Nola Lange: Iíd like to see this place kept rural.NFH: What is the funniest, or most memorable April Foolís joke that has ever been played on you, or that you have played on someone else?Tom Lange: I donít have one particular memory that sticks out. I was born on April 1, so I do have good memories of being little. My parents would always do something special for me on my birthday, give me a special gift. Iím one of seven (children). (Nola) is one of two. (Nola was born on Leap Year ñ Feb. 29.)NFH: If you had to choose one thing that you were most passionate about, what would that be?Nola Lange: I would have to say Iím pretty passionate about children, especially those who are in poverty or have been abused.NFH: What book do you think everyone should read at least once?Lange: ìCatch-22î (by Joseph Heller). It teaches you about the horrors of war and how it can be absolutely insane. Recently, I also read Donald Trumpís book, ìThe Art of the Deal.î I think anyone who wants to understand our new president would be well-served by reading that book.NFH: Who is one person alive today that you would like to have dinner with, and why?Nola Lange: Iíd like to have dinner with our president. Why? Because I have a lot to tell him!NFH: What food will you absolutely not, under any circumstances, eat? Why?Nola Lange: Probably broccoli, because I donít like it that much and brussels sprouts. I donít like those at all, either.Tom and Nola Lange declined to have their picture taken.

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