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On the street in Black Forest

ìThe New Falcon Heraldî caught Daniel Hoyle filling up his car with gasoline on a Thursday night at the Phillips 66 gas station in the heart of town, just off Black Forest Road.Hoyle, 22, is a new resident in Black Forest; he moved to the Forest three months ago, far from the bustling city life of Houston, Texas. Though new to the area, he had visited Colorado several times during his childhood; his aunt and uncle have lived in the state since before he was born.Hoyle answered some questions while filling up his tank.NFH: How long have you lived in Black Forest?Hoyle: Only two months, but I have an aunt and an uncle who have lived here for at least 10 years.NFH: What brought you to Black Forest?Hoyle: The mountains. Iím a pretty big outdoors person. Houston was flat and full of city. Plus, I visited here a lot when I was younger, and it was enough to make me want to say one day, ìOk, Iím ready to move.îNFH: What do you do for a living?Hoyle: Iím a carpenter, and I build cabinets in the Black Forest area. I work for my aunt and uncleís neighbor, actually.NFH: Where is your favorite spot in Black Forest and what makes it so special?Hoyle: Well, this convenience store. Itís really the only place Iíve stopped in Black Forest, aside from home. (Inside the convenience store is Firehouse on the Run, a barbecue joint.) I really like their barbecue!NFH: What do you want Black Forest to be in five, 10 or 15 years?Hoyle: I kind of like it the way it is! I have heard a lot of people who live here ñ- who have lived here for a long time ñ- say they want it to be less populated. Iím from Houston, and thatís a big city. I like this little small town.NFH: Do you celebrate Valentineís Day? Why or why not?Hoyle: I do celebrate when I have a significant other. If I donít have a significant other, I donít celebrate it. The reason I will celebrate it is because I want to do something nice for the other person.NFH: Whatís the best Valentineís Day gift youíve ever given or received?Hoyle: Thatís a tough question! Chocolate. I donít feel like Iíve ever received a really big gift for Valentineís Day.NFH: How do you typically celebrate Valentineís Day?Hoyle: I like to celebrate it with small gifts that are more meaningful. You know, if my significant other likes a certain type of animal, and I see a stuffed animal, Iíll buy it. Thereís also chocolate and flowers and then dinner.NFH: Do you have any special Valentineís Day traditions?Hoyle: No, not really. Maybe dinner? I guess thatís a tradition. You have to make your reservations early!

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