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News Briefs

Falcon Highlands update

The underdrain problems in Falcon Highlands prompted Cristina Welch to file Notice of Claims against the Falcon Highlands Metropolitan District and El Paso County.

The FHMD’s third party claims administrator completed an investigation and sent a letter to Welch’s lawyer regarding the situation. The letter stated the following: “Sedgwick is the designated third party claims administrator for the Falcon Highlands Metro District. We’ve completed our investigation in relation to your client’s Notice of Claim. Please be advised that while the District questions its responsibility for the underdrain, in that no other entity came forward and the District wished to avoid the expense of litigation, the District is taking steps to mitigate the issue. As such, the District considers the matter resolved but will defend against any claims for damage related to the underdrain, including your client’s alleged damages. I’m closing my file, thank you.”

El Paso County cited the following: The county is immune from damages referenced in the Notice of Claim by operation of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act

Falcon Highlands board recall going forward

Welch said the recall effort is going well. She said officially they need 300 signatures for each person they want to recall. I suspect we will reach our goal of 425 for each person by the end of the week,” Welch said. “We want to have a safe margin of error so we are going above and beyond what’s required.” The board members being recalled are Timothy Dickey, secretary; Erin Ganaway, treasurer/assistant secretary; Leo Schuhmacher, director. The president of the board, Tonia Joyner, is not being recalled. On Jan. 22, the board appointed Joshua Whittle to the vacant position on the board.   

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