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On the street in Black Forest

The New Falcon Herald found Brian Descar running around his bustling restaurant and bar on a Friday night at Descarís Roadside Bar & Grill in Black Forest, Colorado. Descar, 48, opened the grill, which sits on Shoup Road near the Black Forest Road intersection in the heart of town, in August 2016.Originally from Pennsylvania, Descar now lives outside of Black Forest on the other side of Meridian Road. His wife, Rebecca, is in the United States Air Force.He answered a few questions before getting back to the Friday night restaurant scramble.NFH: How long have you been in the restaurant business?Descar: Thirty years: I started out doing everything from working my way up from being a bar back, a crab steamer ó you name it. Iíve owned four businesses in Pennsylvania: a construction business, online businesses, free market stands. Iíve owned a pool hall.NFH: What do you like most about Black Forest?Descar: The locals, definitely ó that small-town atmosphere I really love.NFH: Where is your favorite spot in Black Forest?Descar: Descarís wife was nearby, and he turned to her for the answer. Honey, where is my favorite spot in Black Forest? Iím here so much!Rebecca Descar: You ride!Descar: Thatís right. I am always riding around on my motorcycle on the back roads. I love that.NFH: What would you like Black Forest to be in five, 10 or 15 years?Descar: Iíd like it to go back 10 years! I really like that small-town atmosphere. I like it when I know all my neighbors and they all know me.NFH: Since this is the NFH annual health care issue, what do you think is the most pressing health care issue facing our country today?Descar: Being able to afford health care! The Affordable Care Act made insurance very unaffordable for a lot of people.NFH: Do you think the Affordable Care Act should continue?Descar: No, I donít. Iím against a lot of the policies enacted in the last eight years.NFH: What health and wellness policies would you like to see implemented in the new year?Descar: Iíd like to see health care improve dramatically for veterans. Turn these VA hospitals into regular hospitals and allow veterans to turn in their (identification) cards in the way you turn in any health insurance card. Make sure veterans get the same type and level of care as anyone else. Rather than force them to go to some hospital down in a corner, where theyíre understaffed, allow them to go to a (general) hospital. The cost it takes to build a VA facility is more than what it would cost to allow veterans to receive their veteran health care at a standard hospital. Allow them to get care at any place.

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