Monkey Business


As school returns, teachers beware: The kids are watching you. Here are some funny observations of their teachers. 

“My teacher thinks the word ‘test’ is too harsh, so instead she tells us we’re having a ‘celebration of knowledge.’ It’s never a celebration.”

“My middle school science teacher stuck Post-It notes on the ceiling that said, ‘The answer is not up here’ because he was tired of students looking up to avoid answering questions.”

“I had a teacher in high school who straight-up used a small water gun on kids who fell asleep in class.”

“I had a math teacher who — on the first day of class — handed out little pieces of paper and asked everyone to sign them. When we asked why, he said, ‘In case one of you becomes famous one day!’”

“My psychology teacher freshman year of college spent 20 minutes of class telling us the story of how he once tried to resuscitate his dying dog with CPR only to realize that the dog was perfectly fine and was just heavily asleep.”

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