Monkey Business


Crazy camping stories

What bear? 

On a road trip with a friend, and we hiked into a trail in Colorado one evening to camp so we wouldn’t have to pay for a campsite. Found a little clearing by a stream, my friend set up a tent while I decided to sleep under the stars. Right as we were getting ready to go to sleep, another woman showed up and pitched her tent in the clearing as well. I hadn’t been feeling well that day plus we had the hike in with all our stuff so when I slept, I slept hard. Woke up to a ranger shaking me and asking if I saw where the bear went. Bear? What bear? Then I look up and see the woman’s tent just shredded. Turns out she had left her food in her tent that night (we hung ours from a tree), and a curious bear came by at like 4 in the morning to have a snack.” -Redditor PacificKestrel

The fire starter

“My dad and I went camping up in the mountains in Colorado in July. We thought it would be warm enough to go, but there was still lots of snow on the ground. The first night got so cold I couldn’t sleep so I decided to make a fire and cozy up by it and try to fall back asleep. I woke up to my dad screaming at me and pouring cold water all over me. Turns out you’re not supposed to sleep that close to a fire because my sleeping bag had caught on fire and was up in flames. My bag was ruined and I spent the last few night sleeping in the truck.”


The pecking order

“My mom and I were camping by a large hill. I kept thinking I was hearing this weird sound off in the distance. It kept getting louder and louder, then these huge wild turkeys suddenly began spilling over the hill! All these turkeys start charging and pecking me! I’m screaming and climbing up on the picnic table trying to get them away from me and my mom is just pointing and laughing. Eventually, they dispersed but I could still hear them most of the day.”


The bumpy ending

“I have four older brothers, and the first time my parents took us all camping, my brothers decided to play a game of baseball. I was really short and quiet so they didn’t notice me walking behind them, and when my oldest brother swung the bat it hit me in the center of my forehead. Three days in the hospital, fractured skull, and several concussions later, I still have a dent in my forehead. My parents never took us camping again.”


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