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Jimmy Fallon’s Weirdest Halloween Ever replies

  • Our Halloween party guests nearly did me in, and I’ll never go as a piñata again.
  • Pranked a friend by TPing his house. Security guards approached, told me to stop and show my hands. Uniforms looked fake so I insulted them and kept going. Moments later, I’m handcuffed with three cop cars surrounding me; my friend and his parents laughing.
  • A kid came to my door a few years back wearing a shirt full of small cereal boxes with knives sticking out of the sides of the boxes. I asked him what he was supposed to be and he replied: “Are you stupid or something? I’m a cereal killer!”
  • While trick or treating, one of our odd neighbors told us that, although he was out of candy, we could have some deer legs from the buck he just cleaned and dressed. We thought it was cool. Mom, not so much.
  • As a kid I went trick-or-treating and a man in a mad scientist costume gave me a bag of sauerkraut when I knocked on his door.
  • I was dressed up as a fortune teller at a college party. This guy comes up to me and asks me to read his palm, I told him he’d get drunk and have a good time. He came back an hour later and told me I was “the real deal” and fell over a table.
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