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Heart in the right place

Thinking she had spotted an abandoned baby hedgehog on the side of the road, an animal lover in England carefully gathered the creature into a box lined with newspaper and took it home, setting out some cat food and leaving it undisturbed overnight. After realizing it hadn’t moved or eaten, she took the box to Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve & Wildlife Hospital in Cheshire the next morning, where hospital manager Janet Kotze “realized … it wasn’t a hedgehog.” The fluffy, spiky, hedgehog-colored “creature” was actually the pom-pom from a winter beanie. Because the elderly rescuer had kept her distance through the night, she hadn’t noticed the ball’s lack of eyes or ears. But her compassion melted the staff members’ hearts; Kotze said the woman “did absolutely the right thing — aside from the fact that it wasn’t a hedgehog.”

Suspicions confirmed

Ashley Class of Charlotte, North Carolina, was stumped by her toddler’s reports of monsters in the wall of her bedroom, NPR reported. For months, Saylor told her mom she could hear something, but Class chalked it up to the stress of a new baby in the house. She and her husband deployed “monster spray” (water) and pretended to look for the monsters. But finally, Class called a pest control specialist, who went into Saylor’s room with a thermal camera. “It lit up like Christmas,” Class said. “It was floor to ceiling.” Behind Saylor’s wall was a 100-pound honeycomb and about 50,000 bees, which the beekeeper removed. But not before the bees had done tens of thousands of dollars in damage. “It’s been a nightmare,” Class said.

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