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Leap of faith

What happens every four years and is difficult to explain and drags out the entire month of February? No, itís not news coverage of the presidential nominees. Itís leap year. Despite similar descriptions, leap year is not as recognized as most presidential elections but could be equally important.Many people describe leap year as an added day to the end of February. But what is the purpose of a leap year?The Web site,, offers a simple explanation of the importance of leap years. ìLeap years are needed to keep our calendar in alignment with the earthís revolutions around the sun.î Because it takes more time for the Earth to circle once around the sun (365.242199 days) than there are days in the calendar, adding an extra day every four years is necessary to balance things out.This monthís Streetwise question was directed to four members of The New Falcon Herald staff. ìThis year is a leap year; therefore, there is an extra day in February. If money were no object, what would you plan to do with your extra day?î

Lindsey Harrison
Colorado Springs
If money were no object, I would spend my extra day just gone.†I love my kids and I love my husband, but I think I would leave them all home and jet off some place warm and sunny, with white, sandy beaches.†I would bring my Kindle (my newest addiction) and I would completely veg out on the beach, listening to nothing but the breaking waves and soaking up the sun. I spend every day being jungle gym mommy, referee mommy, chauffeur mommy and chef mommy, among other things. The chance to break away from it all and spend an entire day in peace and quiet, doing only what I wanted to do, not what I needed to do, sounds like the perfect way to enjoy an extra day in 2012!

Deb Stumpf
Iíd hop a very fast plane (sans cell phone and laptop) bound for Italy, dine at a roadside cafÈ while sipping some fabulous wine ñ with Dennis Quaid.†If weíre talking reality, then Iíd spend the day in front of a crackling fire with a good book, some fabulous wine and decadent chocolate, also sans phone and computer.†I think good chocolate is a reasonable trade for Dennis.

Kathy Wallace
Iíd book a flight to Ireland’s Shannon Airport, hop a bus to Ennis on the banks of the River Ferguson and see Nanci Griffith, my favorite singer-songwriter, in concert at the Glor Theatre. The concert starts at 8 p.m., and with the time zone changes I think I could do it in a very exhausting day. Now that Iíve put my itinerary together, itís pretty tempting to implement it, so if no one hears from me on the 29th, that’s where I’ll be.

Thea Skinner
Black Forest
I would spend the day the same as any other day ñ one moment at a time.

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