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On a Wing and Prayer

The Broncos started this year’s football season with quarterback Kyle Orton at the helm. After a rough start and a 1-4 record, fans made it clear they wanted a change. Coach John Fox responded (not just because of the fans) by handing the ship over to backup quarterback Tim Tebow. Fox eventually threw Orton overboard, but Kansas City tossed him a lifeline, and†now Orton is the Chiefs starting quarterback.Tebow came on strong, winning his first game, losing the second to Detroit and then winning six in a row. Tebowmania set in; sportscasters and football pundits gave Tebow his 15 minutes of on-air fame ñ over and over again. ìTebowingî became a favorite pastime.But the winning streak came to an end when Tebow went up against iconic quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots ñ Brady showed Tebow whoís boss on the field, with a 41-23 win over the Broncos.†In week 17, Buffalo again tempered Tebowmania by dealing the Broncos a 40-14 loss.Still, the Broncos had a shot at the playoffs: Beat Kansas City on New Yearís Day or ìprayî that the Oakland Raiders lost to San Diego. As a devout and outspoken conservative Christian, Tebow wears his faith on†his jersey sleeve and credits his success to Jesus (which has been great fodder for his followers and critics).Whether itís divine intervention or skill or luck or all of the above, Tebowís prayers were answered. Tebow and the Broncos are headed to the playoffs. The Chiefs beat the Broncos 7-3 Jan. 1 ñ but the Raiders lost.So, what about this Tebow guy? Are his outspoken religious opinions distracting? Can he take the Broncos all the way to the Super Bowl?

Sharra Sallady
I donít care about his religious things. If that is his thing, then more power to him. I think he could do it (take the Broncos to the Super Bowl). I think heís got it.

Charlie Kendrick
No. Not this year. He has too much development to take place ñ in his passing game. But I think he has great potential to be a good quarterback.†I think his outspokenness about his religion is fantastic. Iím not sure if people are jealous or mocking him. I think people are jealous that he has this much time to devote to his religion.

Carla Wright
Heís definitely a team player. Itís not about him. Itís about the whole team. So I say, yes, he could take them all the way. As far as his religion, I think he has his priorities right. He apparently puts God first.

Elisabeth Erickson-Noe
La Junta
Yes, I think he can (take the Broncos all the way) because of his positive attitude and his team player approach, which are both vital to a teamís success. And I think itís (his display of faith) awesome. It is awesome that he expresses his love for the Lord.

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