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From the Colorado State Police

Traffic rushing past law enforcement personnel, emergency personnel and highway workers involved in daily duties on our roadways are in more danger from passing motorists than any other causes of injury or death. When these public servants are making a traffic contact, treating injured citizens or repairing highway fixtures, their attention is often on the task at hand.They may step into the other traffic lanes, or be standing so close they are threatened by passing traffic. Which is why Colorado enacted laws to help protect them, such as 42-4-705 OPERATION OF VEHICLE APPROACHED BY OR APPROACHING AN EMERGENCY VEHICLE.The law requires drivers to yield right of way to approaching emergency vehicles. Drivers must clear the farthest left lane and drive to the right-hand edge, clear of any intersection and stop. They are to remain there until the emergency vehicle has passed or they are directed to do otherwise by a police officer.When approaching or passing a stationary emergency vehicle on a multilaned roadway, they are required to yield right of way. They must proceed with care and caution, moving into another lane and allowing one lane of separation, if possible. When this is not possible due to weather, road conditions or the immediate presence of another vehicle or pedestrian, they are required to reduce speed and maintain a safe speed for road conditions, weather, vehicular and pedestrian traffic and proceed with due care and caution, or as directed by a police or other emergency personnel.Simply put, when an emergency vehicle is approaching, move to the right and stop. If the emergency vehicle is already at the side of the road and stopped, slow down and change lanes when safe to do so to allow as much safe space between your vehicle and the officer.These simple actions can mean the difference between an officer going home at the end of their shift or being killed.

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