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Falcon School Board selects new board member

Falcon School District 49 Board of Education member Kent Clawson has resigned; and, in an e-mail read at the Sept. 10 board meeting, Clawson said he was stepping down to take a job in another state.Clawson expressed his regret at leaving his association with D 49 Board of Education, teachers, students and parents. But, he said, “My parting is somewhat more palatable as a result of the recent failure of the efforts to forcefully recall me from my seat on the board.”Clawson said he fought the recall attempt, knowing he may not be on the board much longer. “It was the many people who encouraged me to leave on my own terms, and not in response to the hidden agenda of others, that bolstered me during this time.”In the letter, Clawson recommended Andy Holloman as his replacement.Board Director Mark Shook said he made a motion at the Sept. 10 board meeting to amend the agenda to declare a vacancy and appoint a new board member. The board approved the motion and appointed Holloman.Holloman sits as chair of the D 49 Long Range Planning Committee, where he worked with both Clawson and Shook. He also chaired Commitment to Kids, the committee behind the successful passage of the 2005 mill levy.Shook said Holloman is especially skilled at reaching out to opposing viewpoints. “I can’t think of anyone more qualified,” Shook said.

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