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Each state in the U.S. is known for some kind of food. Here is the grub indigenous to Colorado.

  1. Rocky Mountain Oysters: These oysters are not from the sea; try deep fried bull, pig or sheep testicles.
  2. Marrow bones: Euclid Hall in Denver serves center cut beef marrow bones to gnaw on with a house sauce, herbs and grilled sourdough bread.They also serve Pad Thai pig ears!
  3. Pizza crust with honey: Smother the crust in honey, and you have Colorado mountain-style pizza. Beau Jos serves honey crusted pizza, and honey is on every table next to parmesan and peppers.
  4. Smoked rattlesnake: A common site on the front range and in the foothills, someone along the way decided to smoke a rattlesnake. The Buckhorn Exchange in Denver serves smoked rattlesnake on top of a chipotle cream cheese dip and chips.
  5. Weird waffles: The Waffle Lab in Fort Collins makes Belgian waffles with imported Belgian pearl sugar, which melts on the inside and makes a crunch on the outside ó no syrup necessary.
  6. Peaches: Palisade takes its peaches seriously, creating peach jelly, jam, salsa and even soap. The Peach Street Distillery makes peach brandy, made with 26 pounds of local peaches in each bottle. Itís the oldest locally owned distillery in the state.
  7. Green chile on everything: Coloradans love their chile. It goes on omelets, hamburgers, pizza and chocolate cake (really). Blank & Booth Distilling Co. in Denver makes a hatch green chile-flavored whiskey called Hot Mess. Drink it plain, on the rocks or as a cocktail, like the Hot Mess Poison Ivy, which is the spicy whiskey mixed with Sauvignon Blanc, lemon juice and maraschino liqueur ó with an absinthe rinse and garnished with a lemon twist and parsley.

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