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Did Colorado invent the cheeseburger?Lionel Sternberger has been credited with inventing the cheeseburger in 1926. The 16-year-old fry cook at The Rite Spot in Pasadena, California, added American cheese to a sizzling hamburger.Eight years later in 1934, Kaelinís Restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, said it invented the cheeseburger.In 1935, Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Drive-In in Denver, Colorado, trademarked the cheeseburger, but Steak ën Shake claims its founder applied for that trademark in the 1930s also.Americaís first rodeo in Colorado?Like the cheeseburger, a few places in the U.S. claim they hosted the first-ever rodeo.Among them: Sante Fe, New Mexico, in 1847; Deer Trail, Colorado, in 1869; and Pecos, Texas in 1883. Events varied with many of the early rodeos, and most were free to the public.When Prescott, Arizona, held its first rodeo July 4, 1888, the committee established the traditions of awarding prizes, and set up rules for competition and charged admission The events included bronco riding, steer roping and cow pony races. In 1889, the first steer riding competition was held, later this event evolved into modern bull riding. By 1917, calf roping was added to the list of events.Enjoying water sports in ColoradoIt might be a land-locked state, but Colorado is home to more than 2,000 lakes and reservoirs. Arguably the most popular include Grand Lake, Blue Mesa Reservoir, Lake Dillon and Lake Granby.

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