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Black Forest AARP

The January Black Forest AARP Chapter meeting featured Sherri Wells, a senior tax consultant,†who provided a great deal of good advice on tax-related questions. Included in the presentation: a strategy for transferring†property and finances to siblings or other individuals in forms that will minimize subsequent taxes; the functions of estate lawyers, elder†law specialists; wills, inheritance vs. gifting and other related tax situations.The elected chapter officers for 2017 were installed in a brief ceremony. The Feb. 8†meeting will include an additional ceremony to celebrate their installation.† † † † †The chapter recognized Howard Peaseís birthday with a large chocolate cake, while members sang happy birthday. Howard is a long-time member of Chapter 1100, and has held several†offices. †He is currently a member of the board of directors. The day also featured the usual potluck lunch and business meeting.Individuals interested in visiting†or joining the chapter are welcome. †The chapter motto is ìTo Serve not to be Served.î Contact Pat at†418-5347 for more information on the chapter. The website is

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