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An indoor pool part of expansion

Meridian Ranch residents have something to look forward to: The recreational center is expanding. Tim Hunker, district representative for the project, said an indoor pool that will include a childrenís play area, three lap lanes and a hot tub, a birthday-party room adjacent to the pool and two additional multipurpose rooms for activities like aerobics and dance are in the works.Hunker said construction could start later this year or in the fall of 2014. ìWe don’t know at this time because we don’t have complete drawings yet,î he said. ìWe’re hoping to have completed drawings in the next couple months.î After the drawings are finished, the builders can determine a time frame for the project, Hunker said. One concern is the outdoor pool. He said construction shouldnít take place while the outdoor pool is open.One of the multipurpose rooms will include a stage for recitals. Hunker said they decided on just three lap lanes because the YMCA, which manages the recreational facilities, provided information on the number of people using the lanes. He said people are more interested in family-friendly areas as opposed to lap lanes. ìThe cost of building them doesn’t warrant building additional lanes,î Hunker said.The master site plan also includes a skate park and courts for volleyball, basketball and tennis ñ to be built at a later date. ìIf the cost of the pool comes in under budget, we will look into building at that time,î Hunker said. ìAs we progress on and get blueprints, then we would like to have more information out there. But at this time we are still in the design phase, with no start dates in sight, so I’d rather just hold off for now.îParking will also be expanded; construction shouldn’t affect current parking arrangements, since the staging site is east of the facility, he said. Hunker said he doesnít think construction will interfere with the recreation centerís current activities.Residents outside Meridian Ranch can participate in the fitness programs as well. At this time, just coming in to use the facility is possible for non-residents but for an ìexorbitant fee,î Hunker said.Visit the YMCA website at for information on programs available now.

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