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`Tis better to gift than re-gift?

The holidays are once again here and ’tis the season to start thinking about those unwanted gifts. Almost everyone has been in that uncomfortable moment of opening a gift in front of someone, only to think, “What am I going to do with this?”In the old days, an unwanted gift may have been thrown in the box headed for Goodwill or may have even been recycled as a white elephant gift. Today, what some have come to learn is the art of re-gifting. The term “re-gift” refers to the practice of wrapping up a recently received gift and giving it to someone.The concept became wildly popular when the television sitcom, “Seinfeld,” aired an episode titled, “The Label Maker.” Character Elaine was offended after she learned her thank you gift to a friend had been “re-gifted” to someone else.This month’s Streetwise posed this question: “Have you ever re-gifted something? If yes, what was it? And if no, would you ever re-gift?”

Ruth DeJong
No, I do not (re-gift). I give it to Goodwill.

Amanda Johnson
I know I have (re-gifted), but Iím not sure I can remember what it was. Oh, it was a candle. I hated the smell so I gave it away. I gave it to my mom. I think she knew.

Rebecca Tucker
Colorado Springs
I have never re-gifted, but I would consider re-gifting just because of today’s economy. Taking advantage of re-gifting could be beneficial to others.

Bec Lewton
Colorado Springs
I am a firm believer in re-gifting. I even have a shelf in my basement ñ my re-gifting shelf.

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