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From time to time, the NFH would like to publish a poem or riddle or a short, short fictional story submitted by our readers. So, don’t be shy. Send in your creative work, and we’ll publish it as space allows.Check out this pem about time.The clock is ticking awayAnother day, another dayThe road to death gets shorterEvery day, every dayDo the things you want to doWatch a sunset with its wondrous hueClimb a mountain and donít stopëTil you reach the very topSay a kind word todayTo someone you meet along the wayDare to say what you feel insideDonít worry, swallow your prideStop and smell the rosesWhile theyíre still around to smellStop and count your blessingsWhile thereís still time to tellLife goes by so quicklyLike sand sifting awayDonít wait till tomorrowDo it today!

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