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We asked the following question to a few people we caught around town: What is the best part about being a grandparent? Here’s what they had to say:Susan Gregg – PeytonTwo grandkids – Michalla, 8; Emma 4″I’m older and more patient with my grandkids than I was with my kids. It’s because you are only with them for a little while.”

Louis and Lydia Pritchard – PeytonFive grandkids – Jyla, 23; Jared, 21; Alex, 16; Sara, 15; Michael, 12Two plus great-grandkids – Tristen, 3; Keara, 10 months;And another one is on the way!Lydia: “Spoil them? You can spoil them more than your own kids.”Louis: “If they start crying, you can give them back!”Louis and Lydia: “You love them without reservation.”
Bobbi Ackerman – PeytonFour grandkids – Kasey, 6; Megan, 4; Samantha, 5; Gabriel, 2″Seeing them smile and spoiling them to pieces.”
Pat O’Rourke – Colorado Springs / Security11 grandkids – too many to list! He said he couldn’t remember them all.Eight great-grandkidsPat: “At age 85, she (granddaughter) is keeping me alive!”Rachel: “Well, he’s 85 you know and I ask him a lot of things. Plus I can get him laughing.”

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