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May is National Military Appreciation Month. With a heavy military presence in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area, it wasn’t hard for Streetwise participants to have a quick and ready answer to this month’s two-part question: Why is the U.S. military important to our government? Should more money be spent on our military members for their personal benefits (salary, housing, health care, and retirement)?

Colleen Lester – Monument
“It’s critical that the government ensure and always maintain standing armed forces not just for our nation, but also to maintain balance in the world and for some that can’t defend themselves (countries that we are aligned with). And before George H. Bush, enlisted members were not sufficiently compensated properly for their commitment to the nation.”
 Bob Kolb – Falcon
“We do need a military because in today’s world there are people who only respect us for the defense of our country. And yes we need to support and help them.”
Jeanie Whittkopf – Falcon
“Our military gives us a real presence in the world or a force to reckon with. And I absolutely support the military because they are doing what the rest of us won’t or don’t. Some of them are at a poverty level and should be brought up to a level of income they deserve.”
 Pastor Norm Barnette – Calhan
“The military is important to keep America safe from being attack by other countries, but also to help others maintain their freedom or build freedom or democracy throughout the world. And we need to treat our men and women in uniform with the best benefits possible. They are essentially putting their lives on the line for us and why should they be shortchanged? We should treat them in an equitable manner. Just because they are military, they are not second-class citizens.”

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