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One of today’s car commercials uses Kermit the Frog’s song “It ain’t easy bein’ green” to promote hybrid cars. The commercial basically pokes fun at consumers who think it’s difficult to find environmentally friendly products like cars that offer the same conveniences. But a little bit of effort can make a “world” of difference. Taking shorter showers, turning off the water while you brush your teeth, carpooling and using public transportation all may help in the effort to save Mother Earth. April 22 is Earth Day. A few people in Falcon took time to make a few suggestions on how we can help the environment. Check out what they had to say and maybe … it is “easy bein’ green after all.”

Elda Ridenour – Colorado Springs
I think the developers should put something down to cover the ground after they scrape it.
Sandy Ziemer – Colorado Springs
Something to reduce the emissions: whether it is more public transportation or car pooling.
George Duram – Craig, CO
People should be more careful of waste disposal and be more careful to preserve the water.
Erna Gray – Falcon
First, everyone needs to make an effort. People can start by recycling. I think the people in Colorado do a very poor job at making an effort to recycle. Also, use water sparingly. Don’t waste water. Last, don’t dump everything on the ground. It’s earth. It’s your home and it’s the only home we’ve got. Be proud of it!

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