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Clean the house, pick up some wine and dust off those conversation skills because you’ll never guess who’s coming to dinner. Everyone was quite intrigued by this month’s “Streetwise” question: “If you could invite three famous people from the past to dinner, whom would it be?” A famous athlete or an author? How about someone from the entertainment world? Or maybe, go way back in time and dine with a Biblical figure or past president. Think about whom you would choose, and then check out what the people of Falcon had to say.

Keith Watson – Falcon
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Jesus
  • King Solomon
C.M. Aloysius Murphy – Falcon
  • Jesus
  • Henry VIII
  • Theodore Roosevelt
Patty Borish – Falcon
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Ronald Reagan
  • My dad (although not famous)
Matt Denning – Falcon
  • Jim Morrison
  • Keenan Milton (deceased skateboarder)
  • The Pope – John Paul II

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