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Shortly after all the leftover Christmas items are removed from the shelves, area stores are quick to put out candy and cards that are dripping in pink and red to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Most people tend to send cards to their family and friends. The New Falcon Herald gave area residents more of a challenge by asking the question, “If you sent a Valentine to your neighbor, what would it say?” Some had to ponder that question for a while. So, maybe the first question should have been, “Do you even know your neighbor?” Followed quickly with, “Would you say something nice?” Or, how about something creative like, “Roses are red, violets are blue, you live next to me and I live next to you. Happy Valentine’s Day, neighbor!”Here’s what some folks had to say:

“Welcome to the neighborhood”
Roxanne Bailey
“Happy Valentine’s Day. Where’s my candy and no cheap stuff and no coconut.”
Alex Havko
“Good luck in wrestling”
Alisha Lillon
“I hope you live until you are at least 60 [years old]. I think she’s [my neighbor] about 40 [years old] now.”
Cody Simons

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