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Rules vs. rights

Federal spending has become the latest hot-button issue in the political arena. It seems that not just politicians, but also citizens are exercising their First Amendment rights and voicing their opinion. But with the name-calling and near fistfights, town halls and the floor at the Capitol are looking more like a night at the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but have they gone too far?The New Falcon Herald hit the streets to find out how people felt about the behavior these days at public debates. Are these forums constructive? Should there be rules and regulations at these meetings? Or, is that a violation of a person’s First Amendment rights? Check out what they had to say.

Lynne Nethken
Colorado Springs
If you can’t sit down like an adult, then you shouldn’t be participating. Because if people are just going to pick at each other rather than discuss the subject at hand, then it is not constructive for anyone. I don’t think there should be regulations for public forums. Everyone has the right to express their opinions how they will. And if someone doesn’t like how things are being discussed, then they can find another way.

Kathy Kelley
It certainly has gotten the attention of people who are making decisions. So, in that way, it is good. If they feel strongly about something, people could write letters, but I think they can get their point across without shouting at each other. Public forums should be conducted in an orderly fashion.

Trisha Collins
No, I don’t think they are constructive. I think they should put it in writing. It is proven that after five minutes, most people stop listening. Public forums are more about “look at me” and that’s it. They are not listening to anyone else.

Chester Brant
Everyone has their own issues and they all need help. But there should be rules in the public forum. There are people out there that will milk the system if there isn’t some kind of structure.

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