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Paintbrush Hills seeking to change water rights

By Marylou Bride

According to the Paintbrush Hills Metropolitan District website, water conservation is a priority. “Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District takes the conservation of our water very seriously. Even though our need for fresh water sources is always increasing
because of population building growth, the supply we have stays constant. Currently we have the capability to meet the current demands for water but that does not mean we should pump our aquifers until they are empty.” 

The narrative on the website then encourages residents to reduce the amount of water they use so “we can better protect against future water shortages and even drought years.”

Dave Doran, president of the Upper Black Squirrel Creel Ground Water Management District Board of Directors, said Paintbrush Hills is asking for a variance to take the determination of water rights from their filings 1, 2 and 3, which consists of 165 homes. The water rights determination gave each resident in those filings an individual well, sourced from the Dawson aquifer.

The metro district was scheduled for a hearing May 5 in front of (not sure exactly what entity they will be in front of for the variance) to request the variance. However, the hearing was postponed until August. 

Editor’s note: The New Falcon Herald will delve into this further for the June issue. We didn’t have time to pursue this prior to deadline for the May issue.

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