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Peyton Post Office update is positive

By Pete Gawda

The Peyton Post Office has been a hot topic of discussion in the past few months because of a backlog of mail deliveries and complaints from postal patrons who had not been receiving mail for days at a time. An article in the February issue of The New Falcon Herald reported that employee shortages were a major part of the problems. 

On Feb. 10, James Boxrud, communications specialist with the Denver Post Office, said the Peyton Post Office had borrowed carriers from other area post offices for a 30-day period. 

On April 19, Boxrud told the NFH there had been no delays out of the Peyton Post Office in almost two months. The post office hired drivers to fill vacant routes, borrowed employees from other post offices, cleared mail delays, cleaned facilities, deployed teams to assess delivery and hosted job fairs to replenish staffing. Because of these actions, Boxrud said all operations have been stabilized and mail is current. He said the post office is still borrowing two employees to keep operations up-to-date and on time.

Postal patron Kathy Hare of Falcon said the backlog seems to be cleared up, although she has had a variety of carriers delivering mail. Hare said sometimes the carrier delivers mail to the wrong house but overall she said mail service from the Peyton Post Office is much better.

A postal patron in Peyton, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she is now getting mail daily but is still receiving mail that is not hers. She said the mail service has improved 50%; however, she continues to take her outgoing mail to Colorado Springs because of trust issues with the Peyton office. 

According to the post office website,, if a postal patron has not received mail for two days or if they are not receiving mail regularly they should contact the postal service. Postal patrons can file a complaint through the website or call the United States Postal Service at 1-800-275-8777.

Postal patrons can also track their mail through a free USPS service called Informed Delivery, which allows someone to preview images of incoming mail as well as the status of incoming and outbound packages. As mail goes through sorting machines, it is photographed on the front side with the address and sent to those who have opted for Informed Delivery. Most residential patrons, except those living in condos or apartments, are eligible for the service. For more information, go to

The Peyton Post Office is currently hiring new employees to fill vacant positions. To learn more about available jobs, go to Applicants must be 18 years old and able to pass drug tests and criminal background investigations.

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