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Letters to the Editor

On Woodmen Hills covenants

Dear Editor,I am writing this letter in reference to the article regarding the Woodmen Hills Covenant Management Board and the ruling that our covenants are invalid. As a new resident to Woodmen Hills, I feel a true injustice has been made. When searching for a home out of the Briargate area, we sought out property that had effective covenants. I am not sure how the covenants were such a surprise to some people when you have to sign a gazillion documents at closing about them. Why would people protest keeping our neighborhood looking its best? The reason we have covenants in the first place is for those people that are too lazy to keep their property in order. We shouldn’t have to be told to mow, to weed, to take Christmas lights down after Christmas. I am so sick and tired of the laziness and that is all this boils down to: If you want to have junk in your yard, trash, weeds and any other junk, there are plenty of parcels of land that are for sale just for you. I want someone to let me know what I have to do to protest the judge’s ruling. I feel the quote that Warne made about the “legal battle affecting the neighborly feeling and community” is the only thing that was accurate. When you own a home that costs over $300,000, you expect a certain class of people. This is like a bunch of childish bull. It is the same as saying pick up your big boy toys. We don’t want to see them. Next time an article is published, please get all sides of the story. Go check out some neighborhoods in town where the covenants are no longer enforced and see if you want to live there.Dawn Sutherland

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