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Letters to the Editor

On the health care debate

Dear Editor,Kudos for an independent thinker and someone not afraid to speak out. Kathy (Hare) expressed exactly what I’ve been thinking since I’ve been hearing endless talk and debates about health care and the need for everyone to be covered under health insurance. We have become a lazy, apathetic society. As a self-employed person for many years and a single mother on a tight budget for many years before that, the only kind of insurance I have ever had included a high deductible. That basically meant my choices were to take responsibility for my own good health or pay for expensive medical care out of my pocket.I chose the cheaper, and guess what, more beneficial over the long run, option. I prioritized my health and the health of my children. I taught them to eat well, to exercise and enjoy the outdoors, and to find ways to be happy. In recent years, I have read and learned about herbs, supplements, natural hormone replacement therapy and many other newer inroads to living a healthier life. Information is available to people who want to take the responsibility for themselves. Unfortunately, a plethora of professionals, pills, treatments and insurance to cover it all, is also available.I listen to the health care news and debates, and I think, “How did we get to this state where we just swallow someone else’s line of thinking?” It’s like we’re being brainwashed via media on a daily, hourly basis that the answer to the nation’s “health care crisis” is everyone needs health insurance. That’s just plain crazy. A 100 percent national participation in the continued expansion of the burgeoning medical industry is going to solve our crisis, which consists of mostly preventable diseases that those of us who do practice prevention are already paying for in higher premiums? What in the world are people thinking?Everyone needs to speak out to those they know. When someone says, “I’m going to try to lose weight,” and you’ve heard this from them on a regular basis for years, answer, “It’s not a handicap, just do it.” If you know anyone who smokes cigarettes, voice your opinion. If you know someone who does not exercise, make a statement, don’t make excuses for them. I think this is a much better, more sensible, less expensive and more democratic way to make a change. It’s the American way. Speak up!Kathy, thank you for a great piece in the local paper!Sherry Anderson

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