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Oh, when I was a kid, some of my favorite things were …

Baby Boomers take heart and prepare to walk down memory lane Dec. 1 when When I Was a Kid …, the newest store at the Safeway Shopping Center, celebrates its grand opening.When I Was a Kid … offers unique collectables; from sports and movie memorabilia, comic books, photos, posters to autographs and military items.The items in the store are part of the collection of owners Jamie and Vickie Michaels. “I have been a collector since my first autographed baseball card at 5 years old,” Jamie Michaels said. It was his love of collecting that brought Jamie and Vickie Michaels together. “He showed me his collection of comic books, and I was impressed,” Vickie Michaels said. Also a collector, her favorites are M&M’s memorabilia and comic books.Married for 13 years, the Michaels moved to Falcon in 1984 after Vickie retired from the U.S. Air Force as a colonel. We moved every two years for my career, and our son was about to enter high school and we wanted some stability,” Vickie Michaels said. Their son, Shane, will graduate in May, so the Michaels decided it was time to part with much of their collection. They estimate it will take five years to sell the majority of the memorabilia.Buying and selling collectables is more than a hobby to the Michaels. Collecting is an emotional experience and a calculated one. Jamie Michaels said the difference between fans that collect things like caps and T-shirts is that collectors choose items that gain value over time. The Michaels are both fans of their collectables and collectors, but “it’s time to let go,” said Jamie Michaels. “That doesn’t mean I won’t be hanging on the ankles of people as they walk out the door with my favorites.”

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