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Latte art at R&R Coffee CafÈ

Many people love their coffee lattes, and, at R&R Coffee CafÈ in Black Forest, the lattes not only taste great but they are a work of art as well.Latte art is simply creating something visual from the foam that sits on top of the beverage. ìWe all do it at various levels of expertise,î said Ryan Wanner, a barista at the cafÈ. ìIt takes a ton of practice; you are always tweaking your technique.î R&R Coffee CafÈ is involved in monthly competitions with other coffee shops in the Pikes Peak region. Wanner said CafÈ Velo in Colorado Springs started latte art a few years ago but it died out until R&R Coffee CafÈ brought it back to raise funds for victims of the Black Forest fire (they raised $500). Competitions are held on the third Thursday of the month at a designated coffee shop during closed hours. Wanner said the public is more than welcome to attend and receive a free latte. ìAll those lattes have to go somewhere,î he said.The next competition will be at Wild Goose coffee house in downtown Springs.Wanner said the competition is mainly local with some events in Pueblo or Florence, Colo. He said he would like to attend national competitions at some point, but right now they are trying to keep it going in the Springs, while developing a trophy for a yearly winner. ìRight now, it is just bragging rights,î Wanner said. ìOne of our proudest moments is when customers whip out their phone to take a picture of their latte.î

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