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Heat wave: global warming?

Lately, Colorado, as well as a majority of the country, has experienced record-high temperatures. Almost everyone enjoys a warm sunny day or two ñ especially in the middle of winter ñ but are unusually warm temperatures something to be worried about?Many scientists agree that warmer temperatures are alarming, and they often use photos of melting ice caps and glaciers to support the concept of global warming. Despite their warnings, the percentage of Americans feeling threatened by global warming activity has declined.According to Gallup Pollís Web site, a 2010 survey showed that 53 percent of Americans believe global warming is a reality and the effects have already permeated the planet or will do so within a few years. But that figure is down from 63 percent in 2007 and 2008.Nineteen percent think the effects of global warming will never happen, and 16 percent believe that effects from global warming will not occur in their lifetime.With Earth Day approaching April 22, this monthís Streetwise question addressed global warming: ìDoes global warming exist? Why or why not?î

Edward Schmidt
I donít think it exists. I donít believe in global warming. The weather has changed so much over the years with the ice ages. Just look at all the tsunamis and volcanoes. The earth is going through so many changes. Who knows if it will be warmer or colder in the future?

Larrie McKesson
Colorado Springs
I donít think the earth is that vulnerable to manís abuse. I mean just look at all the volcanoes, two atomic bombs plus all the testing (on nuclear weapons). I donít see a real basis to it. Iím not in favor of polluting the earth, but I think these people (who support global warming) have gone above and beyond.

Terryn Hodges
Global warming does not exist because the earth goes through long cycles of change. It is not something man-made. The earth is constantly changing and evolving. What we are labeling as global warming is not a result of the cars we drive or the hair spray I used in 1982.

Tyler Baker
Black Forest
I do think global warming exists because the polar ice caps are melting rapidly and polar bears are sitting on little icebergs. Chlorofluorocarbons in paint and methane gas are diminishing the ozone layer; therefore, allowing in more sunlight and melting the ice caps. I think it is real because humans are the worst thing to happen to the earth. We destroy everything because itís the only way we know how to live; and, because we donít take care of the planet with trash and stripping it of its natural resources, I believe it enables unnatural occurrences in the natural cycle of the earth.

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