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Reporters, editors and publishers are bound by the ethics of journalism industry standards. When a topic that is controversial or divisive is addressed in an investigative article, it is imperative to present both sides of the issue.Bias occurs if one side is not given an equal opportunity for expression or a writer slants or skews the truth. For the most part, the truth, especially if itís based on facts, is hard to deny. It might not be pretty, but some things are black and white. When reporters are accused of lying, they fall back on their notes or recordings.Newspapers also offer editorial pages, where people can speak their mind about issues, whether itís a letter to the editor, an opinion editorial or a newspaper view. Those columns or ìlettersî are usually biased ñ their opinions ñ the op-ed page is a forum for dialogue and debate.The incorporation issue has got to be the hottest topic in Falcon since the railroad folded. It appears that some would like to settle it by way of the Old West ñ a gunfight in the middle of Meridian Road.But this isnít the John Wayne age; itís the information age. As a team, we do our best to present both sides of an issue. We cannot force one side of an issue to talk, if they donít want to. Not one incorporation committee member (despite our attempts to contact them) or pro-incorporation citizen has contacted us in response to our questions, our articles or to simply voice an opinion. Not one person has submitted to us in the last year or so a letter to the editor or an opinion piece presenting the reasons they are pro incorporation. Not one person!We at the NFH take threats and accusations seriously. Menacing calls or face-to-face threats (to include threatening others in the community) will be referred to our attorney.Now, Motherís Day is approaching, and we can all agree that they deserve recognition and honor. So, Happy Motherís Day, and check out Stefani Wiestís article on moms supporting other moms.See you May 19– Michelle, Marylou and the team

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