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Weíve said it before: The goal of a community newspaper ñ any newspaper, really ñ is to educate its readers and provide a format for discussion.We received quite a few responses from our readers regarding the incorporation efforts. All who responded thanked us for shedding light on the current process to incorporate Falcon. In this issue, we continue to hammer away at the issue.A couple of years ago, when Art VanSant started open discussions with the Falcon community about the possibility of incorporating, the NFH decided to stay neutral. However, given the current incorporation committeeís decision to be secretive about their efforts, we cannot stay neutral. We have done our best in the past, with the information we were provided, to write fair and balanced articles about the process. However, we cannot write anything balanced when the committee members refuse to talk to us.In this monthís issue, you will find an e-mail weíve published that speaks to the incorporation committeeís stance that itís best to keep you in the dark about the process. Itís not fair to the people; itís not the Democratic process that we hold dear in this country ñ nationally or locally.Please read Kathy Hareís column on incorporation and Stefani Wiestís article on the election commission. Yea, we are heavy on the incorporation issue in this edition, but we feel itís necessary.On another note, we hope you enjoy Tom Prebleís column, one that celebrates Tomís mom and others. Motherís Day is around the corner.Speaking of Tom, we mistakenly identified Ilene, Tomís beautiful wife, as Irene in a picture caption in our March 17 issue. We donít like mistakes here at the NFH. Sorry, Tom and Ilene.Take note that weíve added a new column to our health and wellness section. Rosemary Bakes-Martin, El Paso County Department of Health and Environment public health administrator ñ and Falcon resident ñ is the latest to join our team of columnists. Rosemary will write a mid-month column for the NFH on public health issues.Welcome Rosemary.Thatís it for now. See you May 5.– Michelle, Marylou and the team

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