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We enjoyed that tease of spring last week. Of course, Mother Nature had to remind us, when it comes to Colorado, she is very fickle.Unlike Mother Nature, The New Falcon Herald strives for consistency ñ and connection. Community newspapers provide ample opportunity to connect people to people. For example, we ran a classified the last two months for one of our subscribers who was looking for free-range chicken eggs, and it worked. She received a couple of calls from that ad, and she found her eggs.Community newspapers also provide ìsoulî connections. Weíve heard many people say they identify with something thatís been brought up in a column, or theyíve learned a thing or two from an article we published.Community newspapers provide a format for discussion and education.In that spirit, weíve written an opinion editorial ñ the NFH View ñ this month about the incorporation effort. In a way, itís a sad commentary about disconnections. We carefully chose our words, while knowing that the information we present is vital to a growing community. A community is only as good as its leadership.A community newspaper is only as good as its people, too. One of our budding journalists has written a dynamite piece on one of her favorite bands. Please make sure you hand off this NFH issue to your adolescents and teenagers so they can read Ashley Fayís concert critique. Soon, weíll be losing Ashley, as she graduates from high school and pursues an education in ñ what else ñ journalism! More on that later. Meanwhile, if you know a student who might be interested in picking up the D 49 sports beat next fall, let us know.Itís Easter weekend. Many of you celebrate this Christian holiday; others donít. To Christians, happy Easter. To those of other faiths and anyone else, happy spring.Weíll see you April 21.– Michelle, Marylou and the team

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