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Happy St. Patrickís Day!Besides celebrating the Irish, March also is famous for March Madness (college basketball), the last days of Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and/or Easter (depending on the years). March is Womenís History Month and American Red Cross Month, too. In honor of the women who have paved the way for others, we couldnít resist adding another quote by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: ìWell behaved women rarely make history.î Another quote (an old adage) best identifies March: ìIn like a lion, out like a lamb.î Of course, the saying refers to the transition from winter to spring. After a ferocious Colorado winter, many will welcome a gentler (sort of) season. But this yearís snowfall may create a spring and summer as green as St. Pattyís Day.Speaking of green, after four months the NFH team is adapting (not so green anymore) to biweekly issues and increasingly hectic deadlines. Please remember that our mid-month issue is no less than our first-of-the-month issue.Weíve had a couple of requests from business owners who want to hold their ìnewsî for the first-of-the-month issue as opposed to publishing the information in our mid-month edition. Newspapers usually donít hold news, and we believe that both issues are equally read. Our mid-month edition may be smaller, but word on the street is that readers are enjoying our new columns. Itís not the size that counts; itís whatís in the package!Our new sales representative, Kris Stonestreet, is managing our distribution sites as well. We strive to keep our newspaper stands full, but sometimes the papers fly off the racks before we can restock. Feel free to give us a call if you need extras.Enjoy this issue of the NFH ñ we have some great pictures inside. Be sure and check out the columns by Kathy, Tom, David and Ashley. We are in between sports ñ winter and spring ñ so Ashley interviewed one of the baseball coaches for this issue.Thatís it.Weíll see you April 7.– Michelle, Marylou and the team

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