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News travels fast, but news happens even faster. News doesn’t wait for our next issue to be published. It’s not unusual to be alerted to last-minute meeting announcements, breaking news or local events scheduled after the paper has been sent to print. Occasionally, local news and events happen as an issue is hot off the press and delivered to the community.Times have changed. Technology enables the printed word to be delivered to the community quickly and efficiently. The public now has a choice of mediums to get a news fix. Many prefer a hard copy to lay out across the kitchen table during breakfast, while others like to saddle up to the computer and access news online. The New Falcon Herald caters to each preference.To keep the community abreast of everyday happenings, the NFH Web site is continuously updated. Also, flyers are distributed to the NFH newsstands located at businesses throughout the community when breaking news occurs. It is our job to keep residents informed about issues relevant to the community – often issues that can’t wait until the next publication.Our goal is to stay on top of what news is important to you – whether it is community events, board meetings, local entertainment, hard news or features. We are dedicated to bringing the NFH readers a steady flow of community information in a timely manner.The NFH is published on the first and third Saturday of each month. Thank you for picking up the paper today – or logging on.– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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