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As the first page of the 2009 calendar has been flipped, many people have begun to fill February dates with important events and reminders. Some even jump months ahead. With each day inconspicuously rolling into the next, calendars can become a lifeline to your routine. In this issue of The New Falcon Herald, read about upcoming meetings, news and community events that may become an important part of your day.For those who have drawn a heart around Feb. 14, read Angie Morlan’s “Streetwise.” She provides a “sweet” history lesson and Valentine’s Day trivia, as well as a poll from a few locals who have a sweet tooth.On Feb. 17, a congressionally mandated switch from analog television broadcasting to digital broadcasting will take effect. Natalie Gowen reports on the ins and outs of the transition and how it affects the public. Natalie also reports on another upcoming change: the search for a new Falcon School District superintendent. Read about the Board of Education’s Jan. 28 meeting and mark your calendar with upcoming board meetings.Also, check out Vinnie Mac Sports Corner to get the latest dates for D 49 sporting events. And, plan to attend!Another date none of us can escape is April 15 – the dreaded tax filing deadline. Whether you are one to file your return early or are someone who sprints to the post office on deadline day before the doors close, Kathleen Wallace delves into tax changes that could affect your federal and state returns.Before another calendar page is flipped, read this issue of the NFH to get the information you need to complete your calendar.-Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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