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A steady stream of gloom and doom news has become an everyday occurrence. Everywhere we turn, reports of the fledgling American economy and a bleak forecast for the future threaten to permeate our sense of security.Falcon is no exception to the strain of tough times. In this issue of The New Falcon Herald, Kathleen Wallace reports on local foreclosures and the recent declaration of bankruptcy by a well-known homebuilder.Although a silver lining may be difficult to find among the seemingly dark clouds, examples of positive news are demonstrated throughout this issue.Natalie Gowen reports on two local events organized to benefit pediatric patients. Kathleen writes about her recent trip to Arizona. Read about her southwest experience. In her monthly column, Jackie Macfarlane, Falcon Snap Fitness owner, documents the challenging regiment of a local group of women training for a triathlon benefitting breast cancer research.We will continue to bring the community the current news – good and bad. The old adage “no news is good news” does not necessarily ring true. Negative news cannot be ignored because it informs and educates us about our community and the world. But good news can be found in abundance right here in Falcon.We hope the NFH can be your window to a silver lining.– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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