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The 20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution designates Jan. 20 as Inauguration Day. In 2009, this marks the day President-elect Barack Obama will become the 44th president of the United States. Since 1937, this historical day is a time many Americans find themselves not only looking into the future of the United States, but also into the future of their local communities.Although considered a small community, many of the issues that have recently been in the forefront of political debate also affect Falcon and surrounding areas. Among those are the environment, education and the economy. In this issue of The New Falcon Herald, these issues are addressed.Water resources in eastern El Paso County affect us all – those who settled in the area decades ago and those who have recently set roots. Kathleen Wallace reports on a recent court decision involving the Upper Black Squirrel Creek water district. As natural resources are depleted worldwide, environmental conservation has been a hot topic. Natalie Gowen reports on recycling options in the area.The state of education is also in the forefront of national politics. Falcon School District 49 Superintendent Grant Schmidt will be a NFH columnist featured monthly. He will address school district issues and answer questions from the community about pertinent district topics.With the state of the national economy, many American families are in crisis. To help spotlight ways Americans can help others, a National Day of Service will be celebrated Jan. 19. Read Kathleen Wallace’s article about thousands of volunteer projects planned locally and across the country to help those in need.Inauguration Day is commemorated every four years, but looking into the future of your community and how it can be improved can be addressed every day. In 2009, the NFH will continue to bring you relevant community news.– Stefani, Michelle and the NFH team

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