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As the new coordinating editor of The New Falcon Herald, I reflect on the importance of disseminating information to the community, to both inform and educate. I have lived in Falcon for four years. Although I am new to the Falcon area, as a freelance writer I have had the opportunity to meet many people in the community and experience the growth. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to expand in this capacity as the NFH editor.As George Washington said, “For my part I entertain a high idea of the utility of periodical publications; insomuch as I could heartily desire, copies of … magazines, as well as common Gazettes, might be spread through every city, town, and village in the United States. I consider such vehicles of knowledge more happily calculated than any other to preserve the liberty, stimulate the industry, and ameliorate the morals of a free and enlightened people.” I couldn’t agree more. Newspapers give citizens an opportunity to learn more about people, current events, thoughts, ideas and change.Yes, my position at the NFH is exciting to me, but I do wear another hat. My other job title is “mom.” My husband and I have three boys – ages 11, 8 and 4. They always give me new perspectives on what is important in life and what is filler. As Mother’s Day approaches, I celebrate the gift I have been given to be called “mom” on a daily basis.Be sure to check out the writers’ odes to their own mothers in “Mother’s Day Reflections.” And remember to honor your own mother on May 11.– Stefani, Michelle and the team

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